Student leadership

Student Leadership Opportunities

There are various opportunities for students to develop and hone their leadership skills.

School Parliament

The School Parliament is made up of all Year Captains and Vice-Captains. The Parliament meets throughout the term to discuss issues and changes in the school. The Parliament will also take part in Student Panels and meet with visitors to the school. They will support events like Open Evening. This is an incredible opportunity for any student. 

School Parliament meets twice a half-term with Ms Hudson. They may be called up to other meetings throughout the term. 

Year Captain/Vice-Captain

Every year will have a Year Captain and Vice-Captain. Their role is to lead discussion in their Year Council meetings but also attend the School Parliament. Students must write an application for this role and meet with their Director of Year who will decide who is right for the position.  The Year Council will meet every fortnight with their Director of Year. 

Form Captain/Vice-Captain

Every form will vote for a Form Captain and Vice-Captain. Their role is to lead discussion in their own form, but also to attend the Year Council meetings. They must share the thoughts and ideas of their form at these meetings. 

Transition Buddies

This role is only for year 7s. An incredible opportunity to support the year 6 students that will join us next year. In this role you will visit Primary Schools, answer questions and support at all Transition events, including the Festival of Transition. Students must apply for this role. 

Sports Leaders

Our GCSE PE students are given the opportunity to support the PE department and the Brigshaw Learning Partnership primary schools at their events in the role of Sport Leader. This role is ideal for any student who has a keen interest in sport and PE. It provides opportunities to plan and organise sporting activities, lead events, referee and coach. In the summer term Sports Leaders will play important roles at our annual Sports Day and at the Primary School Sports Day at the John Charles Centre in Leeds. 

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