Student support

Support and guidance

Our students will receive support and guidance both on an individual basis and as a year group to maximise opportunities available to every young person. 

Our Sixth Form team strives to inspire, encourage and care for all of our students, so that we can enable every student to achieve their potential. We are committed to working with our students so that they feel welcomed, safe and happy in our provision. We recognise that by developing positive working relationships with our students, promoting resilience, responsibility and independence, we can best prepare them for life after sixth form.

We will offer Drop Down Days where sessions will cover the following:

  • Study skills - to support students with expectations of sixth form learning, including organisation and preparation for exams
  • Healthy lifestyle choices including sexual health, diet and exercise
  • Drug/Alcohol Abuse
  • Post 18 pathways and progression including specialist Careers advice, HE trips and webinars
  • Revision skills
  • UCAS guidance and application support
  • Student Finance and preparing for future finances
  • Mock Interviews
  • Independent living
  • Life in UK Society - following a themed week programme including topics such as Fundamental British Values, water safety, UK parliament, driving awareness and many more topics and events

Key Stage 5 performance

% of grades A* - A
% of grades A* - B
% of grades A* - C
% of applied grades at Distinction* - Distinction
% of applied grades at Distinction* - Pass
Average Point Score (Academic)
Average Point Score (Applied)

Your support network

Our support network consists of a team of staff who bring together a vast range of knowledge and experience. We share the vision and commitment to inspiring and teaching happy, aspirational and successful young adults. Our students will have access to this network via:

  • Form Tutor
  • Careers Lead - Mrs C Brown
  • Head of Year - Mrs C Cherry
  • Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for Sixth Form and Careers - Mrs K Falk

Work experience and partnerships

We encourage all students to build and extend their CV during sixth form as well as to arrange and participate in a work experience placement. In  year 12 we set aside a one week block and will assist  both year groups to participate in ongoing placements including volunteering, to support their future ambitions.  For students applying to some university courses, work experience is a requirement, whilst for others it may be an integral part of a BTEC course.  For all students it will provide them with a valuable enrichment experience of the workplace and the opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge to support their future career aspirations.

We are proud to be supported by many external providers who will offer specialist guidance in preparing students for life after sixth form; including DWP, Spectrum and The Army. 

We are also delighted to be forging a new and exciting partnership this year withLeeds based  IMA-HOME to collaborate on their X - Upriser programme aimed at developing close links between creative industries and young people. We are looking forward to working alongside IMA-HOME to supplement the curriculum and maximise opportunities for students and pupils across the school and Sixth Form. 

We are also pleased to be working with Progress Careers; an external provider who will assist our experienced Careers team in working with students to develop their Post 18 pathway options, source external support, advise on work placements and offer individual and bespoke careers guidance to students as they engage with Higher Education providers, apprenticeships and employment opportunities

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