Rewards at Brigshaw High School

At Brigshaw High School, we foster a culture where students embrace responsible behaviour and dedicated effort, fueled by their desire for future success. By aspiring to excel in their learning, they are motivated to work hard and achieve their goals. 

We complement this intrinsic drive with a rewards system that celebrates their accomplishments, providing recognition and encouragement. This combination of personal motivation and acknowledgement empowers our students to develop a lifelong passion for learning and sets them on a path to realise their full potential in both academic and personal endeavours.

Achievement points

Earning achievement points in lessons at Brigshaw High School encourages students to strive for excellence and take pride in their academic progress. It fosters a culture of motivation, recognising and rewarding their efforts, inspiring continuous growth and success. These achievement points are used to compete in the half termly Top 100 competition in each year group.

Achievement points can be earned in the following three ways:

Brigshaw Behaviour for Learning

When a student arrives at their classroom, they will be given 3 achievement points for working hard and engaging with their learning.

If, during the lesson the student receives reminders and choices for poor behaviour for learning, they can incrementally lose these achievement points. 

It is important to attend school and maintain excellent attendance. Attendance at school is recognised as students will earn up to 15 achievement points per day by being present in their lessons. Missing a day of school will cost a student 15 achievement points.

Brigshaw Excellence Award

At Brigshaw High School, students can earn the prestigious Brigshaw Excellence award by receiving a planner stamp and 10 achievement points. This visual recognition celebrates their outstanding accomplishments in lessons and can be proudly shared with parents and carers, fostering a sense of pride and encouragement. 

If students earn the Brigshaw Excellence award, parents will receive a notification through the Arbor Parent App. This allows parents to celebrate their child's achievement.

Brigshaw values

At Brigshaw High School, students can earn achievement points by exemplifying our core values of Respect, Integrity, Resilience, and Equality. By displaying these values in lessons and out of lessons, they contribute to a positive school environment. These points acknowledge their commitment to these values, reinforcing a culture of character-building and fostering a sense of community and personal growth.

The Top 100 competition 

At Brigshaw High School, students earn achievement points to enter the coveted Top 100 competition. Throughout each half term, they compete within their year group to earn these points. The top 100 students in each year group gain access to our Top 100 rewards activity program and exciting prizes. This cycle resets every half term, providing continuous opportunities for success and motivating students to improve and excel.

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