Principal: Catherine Lennon MA NPQH

Events for October 2016

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Friday 21st is a training day, pupils are not in school. Have a lovely half term

18 October 2016 | 13:50

Reminder - last years Y11's its GCSE Awards evening on Wednesday 6.30pm. We look forward to hearing how everyone is doing @BrigshawPost16

18 October 2016 | 13:42

Seed 1 - awesome work lads!! @BrigshawNews @Kippaxrl @Debrobbins7 #lovesport

13 October 2016 | 22:53

Not sure what to do after your post-16 qualifications? Check out all the advice on UCAS Progress…

13 October 2016 | 18:57

When Year 9 #Drama use #metacognition to review their own #Theatre 💪👊

13 October 2016 | 18:56

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All payments will be made directly to Leeds City Council, PO Box 60, 2 St George Street, Leeds. 

Please note that your bank statement will display "Leeds City Council" for these payments. 



Unfortunately we will not be able to issue change, or exchange notes for the top up machines in school. We no longer hold sufficient cash in School due to the switch to Cashless Catering.

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Lunchtime Arrangements

Lunchtime is an important part of the school day and we are looking at how we can improve the experience for our pupils. Our current arrangements see all pupils having their lunch break from 1.20pm until 2pm; this leads to a very busy 40 minutes where pupils comment on queues and not always being able to find a seat.

We are looking at trialing split lunches. This would mean that the school would be divided into two lunch sittings so that only half would be eating at anyone time. One potential model is shown below (this is one of many possibilities). Split lunches would; reduce the number of pupils having lunch at one sitting by 50%, give the opportunity for pupils to sit down and reduce queues. As well as the practicalities of dining, evidence suggests that pupils are more likely to eat a healthy lunch if they can sit down and afternoon learning improves. Sixth Form students would be able to access lunch at either sitting.

Key Stage 3 Day

Key Stage 4 Day

8.40am to 9.40am Period 1

8.40am to 9.40am Period 1

9.40am to 10am Tutor Time

9.40am to 10am Tutor Time

10am to 11am Period 2

10am to 11am Period 2

11am to 11.20am Break

11am to 11.20am Break

11:20 am to 12:20pm Period 3

11:20 am to 12:20pm Period 3

12:20pm to 1.20pm Period 4

12:20pm to 1pm Lunch

1.20pm to 2pm Lunch

1pm to 2pm Period 4

2pm to 3pm Period 5

2pm to 3pm Period 5

A parent survey is now available on: for your thoughts on trailing split lunch arrangements. I would be grateful if you could spare a few moments to complete the survey. Updates regarding our plans will be sent to you after half-term.


Kick Boxing World Champion

1 James Gayles for web.jpg

Year 8 Pupil, James Gayles, represented England at the Kick Boxing world championships in Spain last week

James won:

Bronze in the -40kgs continuous
Silver in the - 40kgs points

GOLD in the -45kgs and is World Champion

A big well done to James on your hard work and success.

2 James Gayles for web.jpg3 James Gayles for web.jpg4 James Gayles for web.jpg

Bus Passes

Please remember that pupils using the school bus services to travel to and from school must have the appropriate Bus Pass to qualify for half fare, and a yellow boarding card for the specific bus to be traveled on.

Service bus providers and Metro are enforcing the use of both cards.

For details please call Metro on 0113 3481122 or visit the dedicated web site


The school has consulted with Metro and can confirm that a Yellow Boarding Card for the 527 service is required.


Show My Homework:


Show My Homework for web.jpg


Show My Homework login details for parents were sent home with pupils last term, so parents should now be able see all homework that has been set across all subjects, including activities and due dates.   

In addition to wed access, Android and iOS apps are available, making it even easier to keep up to date with home learning.

Should you have any technical problems with the site, do not hesitate to contact Show My Homework directly on  020 3397 7546 or by emailing

Please visit our Archive to find past news and updates.

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