• Responsibility and Attendance

  • Responsibility and Attendance

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    The Role of the Local Governing Body. Click here for the Chair of Governors statement 2018.

    The Local Governing Body has three core functions:

    • Setting the vision and strategic direction
    • Holding the Principal and his Senior Leadership Team to account for the educational performance of the school
    • Ensuring financial health, probity and value for money

    School governors and their roles:

    Term of Office
    Specific Responsibilities
    Sarah Brown Community Governor 11/11/2013 – 11/11/2021 Vice Chair, Child Protection

    Elisabeth Jones (Resigned)

    Tracey Atkins


    Trust Appointed

    Parent Governor


     11/11/2013 - Dec 2017

    04/10/2013 - 01/10/2017


    Martin Dove
    Community Governor 01/09/2015 – 01/09/2019 Complaints
    Student Liaison Advisor

    Conrad Hart-Brooke


    Community Governor 11/11/2013 – 11/11/2021  

    Maria Williams


    Headteacher Ex-officio  03/09/2018  
    Lee Elliott Community Governor 12/02/2018 -12/02/2022  
    Janet Purcell Community Governor 12/03/2015 – 12/03/2019 Training Governor
    Martin Truscott Community Governor 10/11/2015 – 10/11/2019  Health and Safety 

    James Tuck


    Staff Governor 10/11/2015 – 10/11/2019  
    Cllr Mary Harland Community Governor 11/11/2013 – 10/11/2021  

    Eileen McCarthy


    Community Governor 27/11/2017 - 27/11/2021  Compliance
    Stephen Cudmore  Parent Governor  05/02/2018 - 05/02/2022  
    Tracy Campbell Parent Governor  05/02/2018 - 05/02/2022  

    Governors' Meetings 

    Local Governing Body

    Wednesday 14th September 2016
    Wednesday 16th September 2016
    Monday 23rd January 2017
    Tuesday 25th April 2017
    Monday 19th June 2017

    Tuesday 26th September 2017

    Monday 27th November 2017

    Tuesday 23rd January 2018

    Wednesday 25th April 2018

    Tuesday 26th June 2018

    Tuesday 18th September 2018

    Governor Attendance: Local Governing Body. Click for attendance register     


    Parent Governors are elected by the parents of pupils in school.
    Community Governors are appointed by the Brigshaw Learning Partnership
    Staff Governors are elected by the staff of the school.
    Associate Members are appointed by the Local Governing Body and work in an advisory capacity. Associate Members have no voting rights.
    The Headteacher holds an ex-officio position.