Principal: Catherine Lennon MA NPQH

Events for May 2017

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Leaders in Learning

At Brigshaw we believe that all our students should have the opportunity to participate in, contribute to and lead as many things as they can.

That’s why all extra-curricular clubs have a clear mapped out process showing how our students can get involved in an activity as participators, contributors or leaders.

We’ve worked with students to develop a student leadership structure that gives everyone from Years 7 to 13 the chance to get involved and ‘make a difference’.

Our Student website team are looking forward to developing this page further and you'll find lots of interesting items from the Student Leadership Team (StLT), Phase Councils and Student Leadership Groups (SLGs).

Our current StLT includes ambassadors from our Eco, Co-operative, Information, Enterprise, Health & Wellbeing, Olympic, Global, STEM and Enrichment student groups and representatives from the Phase Councils.

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Leading in languages

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Olympic Ambassadors

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