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    We are delighted to be able to confirm that on September 1st 2016 Brigshaw High School successfully converted to Academy status alongside some of our Trust partner schools.  Brigshaw High School is now an academy supported by our own Multi-Academy Trust – The Brigshaw Learning Partnership. Please visit the BLP website to find out about the Board of Directors and view the Trust's Governance and Financial information.

    Each school will continue to have its own headteacher and governing body, and the Brigshaw Learning Partnership Board, which is now responsible for all of our schools, contains representatives from across our community, as well as very experienced and skilled people who share our values, including headteachers, from further afield.


    How our Local Governors are appointed:

    Parent Governors are elected by the parents of pupils in school.

    Community Governors are appointed by the Brigshaw Learning Partnership

    Staff Governors are elected by the staff of the school.

    Associate Members are appointed by the Local Governing Body and work in an advisory capacity. Associate Members have no voting rights.

    The Principal holds an ex-officio position.


    Meet our Governors:


    I have been involved in school governance for over 30 years.  I have been a governor at Brigshaw for nearly 20 years, with over 15 years as Chair.  It has been a privilege and challenge to help guide the school through stormy educational waters. I have lived for nearly 30 years in Allerton Bywater and both my sons attended Brigshaw.

    I strongly believe that students who achieve their potential are happier, healthier, enjoy a better family life and become positive contributors to the local community.  Student achievement is at the core of our work as governors.

    I worked in education for over 35 years (including three headships, one school having a specialist resource for student on the autism spectrum) and feel I bring experience, knowledge and a critical eye to my role as governor.


    I have been a Parent Governor at Brigshaw since 2009 and am proud to be associated with such a successful vibrant school. I grew up in Leeds and even did my degree (Food Chemistry) at Leeds. My career in the food industry has given me the opportunity to travel far and wide and meet many different cultures. The ethos at Brigshaw creates students ready for working in the global economy.

    Both my children have excelled in the supportive environment that Brigshaw offers, and though my son left in 2016, my daughter is now into her A-Levels and will be part of this special community until 2019.

    I believe that a school should allow every pupil to stretch and grow themselves to reach the best academic and vocational development possible. It’s really good that Brigshaw is able to propel students to grades that stretch them as an individual, whether that be an A* or D. I can genuinely say that the school looks for the best outcome for each child as a person and not as a statistic.

    Being a working parent governor takes a little commitment, but the rewards are well worth the effort. I have learnt skills that have been useful in my career, I have been able to support my kids better because I understood aspects of the education system that otherwise would have been a mystery. More than anything I can say that it feels great to put something back into our region to help the next generation thrive.



    I worked at Brigshaw between 1978 and 2013 having many roles and responsibilities including Head of Home Economics, Head of Year, SENCO, Assistant Principal and Deputy Principal. I also spent some time working for the Local Authority on Inclusion issues. Since retiring I have been delighted to continue my work at Brigshaw as Community Governor.

    I have always believed that every child matters and that it is essential to provide the appropriate guidance and support in order for each individual to succeed. With this in mind, I initially established the school and then Trust guidance and support teams. I continue to work closely with these having specific responsibilities for SEND, CLA and pupil premium students. I also chair the governors’ behaviour and attendance panel and feel that it is important to involve parents and carers in decisions concerning their children. Working together is paramount for success.


    I have been a Labour Councillor, serving on Leeds City Council since May 2012. I have lived in Kippax since the late 1980’s when I was the Licensee at the Moorgate Public House until 1993. I have two children who both attended Brigshaw who now have children of their own who are at schools within the Trust. Prior to being elected onto Leeds city Council I worked in the insurance industry for a number of years.

    This is my second stint as a Governor at Brigshaw as I was a Local Education Authority appointee when my children came here back in the 1990’s. I feel very proud and privileged to serve as a councillor in the area where I live and also as a Governor at the school local to me. There is a wonderful team of dedicated teachers and governors who want the very best for our children. I feel honoured to be able to play a small part in that.


    I became a Parent Governor initially then a Trust Governor in 2014 when my own children left Brigshaw.  I wanted to continue to be a Governor once my children left as I believe that every child should be given the opportunity to achieve their potential and I believe strongly that this is the ethos of our school.

    I live locally with my husband and children and I also work in one of the feeder primary schools in a pastoral role looking after the wellbeing and safeguarding of our children.

    My knowledge and expertise helps me in my role as Governor and I believe that by working together with school staff and the rest of the Governors, we can make Brigshaw High School the best it can be.


    I currently work as a team manager for Children’s Social Work Services.  I am a qualified social worker but prior to this was a foster carer for Leeds City Council. I have always worked in the care sector mainly with children and families. I have a good understanding of child protection, ‘Children in Need’ and the needs of children who are ‘Looked After’ due to my current job.

    I am a parent governor with 4 children, one still in full time education at Brigshaw, the other three having left school and live independently. One of my older children has learning difficulties and had a Statement of Special Educational Needs. I have a good understanding of the challenges faced by parents when their children struggle in school.

    As a parent myself, I feel that I can advocate on behalf of the parents and the children and feel I have the necessary skills to do this. I enjoy my parent governor role and through being part of this team, I can see how much energy goes into providing the children with the best possible outcomes. I also have the privilege of attending most of the after school performances which are absolutely amazing.


    I have worked at Brigshaw High School for 28 years having various roles and responsibilities including Librarian, Finance Administrator and currently HR and Office Manager.

    I have been a governor for many years and recently moved to be a co-opted governor as the roles of governors were reviewed.  I have supported school in all activities and developments that have taken place.  I attend all meetings and also student behaviour and attendance panel when we support both parent/carer and students who have varying issues.   

    I have always shown a keen interest in the academic achievements of pupils and also the necessary support needed in order for every child to succeed. The future is bringing many changes to education and I hope to support Brigshaw High School to continue to provide an excellent start in life for all its pupils. 


    I have worked at Brigshaw since 2000, starting my teaching career at Brigshaw as a Music teacher. Over the years I have had many roles in school; I am currently Assistant Principal with responsibility for behaviour, safeguarding and child protection in school.  

    I was appointed a staff governor in 2006 and recently moved to be a co-opted governor as the roles of governors were reviewed. I live locally and have a young family which adds yet another dimension to my governor experience. Within work, school and my home life I feel strongly about the restorative ethos - working with people. I feel privileged to work as part of a great team of governors at Brigshaw that does just that.


    I have worked at Brigshaw in many roles since joining as a History teacher in 2006. I am currently Head of History. 

    I have a keen interest in teaching and learning and how to support student progress. I bring this enthusiasm and a number of years' teaching experience to the role of elected staff governor. History is a popular choice at Brigshaw and a number of our students choose the subject at GCSE and A Level. In my role as governor, I aim to share the secrets of this success across the school and to continue to work for the very best for all of our students.

    I am a huge supporter of the Brigshaw ethos and have been a proud employee and ambassador for our school for all of the time I have worked here. It is a pleasure to serve the school and the community in the role of governor and a superb opportunity to shape the strategic direction of the school. 


    I have been a teacher and senior leader at 8 different schools across 3 education authorities and also spent a year working with the senior improvement team. My main subject was History, but over 37 years have taught a range of subjects from Maths to PE. My most recent post was Principle of The Co-operative Academy of Leeds, where I was very proud to be responsible for significantly raising standards. 

    I see education as critical to the life chances of the younger generation and am committed to ensuring that they have the best possible experience in school. After retiring I wanted to become a governor in order to give something back to the education system that has provided me with a fantastic career. I am delighted to join the team at Brigshaw as I fundamentally support their caring and inclusive principles.

    Outside school I have 3 children who all attended Leeds schools. My first experience of being a governor was as a Parent Governor at their primary school. In retirement I have returned to be a student myself and am learning French at  Leeds Beckett University. This has allowed me to experience first hand the joys and challenges of being “behind the desk” in the classroom once again, and as such identify with the needs of students today.