• Statutory/Ofsted Information

  • Statutory/Ofsted Information

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    Contact Details

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    Acting Headteacher: Mr Simon Riley

    Tel: 0113 2878900
    Fax: 0113 286 4105
    Email: office@brigshaw.com
    Website: www.brigshaw.com

    Brigshaw Learning Partnership
    Leeds Local Authority website
    Direct. Gov Schools website
    DFE website 

    Who to contact

    0113 2878900

    Reporting absence Mrs K Oswald - 0113 2878913

    Transition from Primary School

    SEND Coordinator

    Mr Truscott

    Mrs E Wood

    Post 16 Mr Brass
    Hepworth House Leader Mrs Garner
    Rowntree House Leader Mr Lee
    Wilberforce House Leader Ms Barnie
    Bronte House Leader Mr Kumar
    Johnson House Leader Mrs Kibble
    Behaviour and Safety Mr Truscott
    School policy and strategic development Mr Riley
    Finance/Cashless catering Mrs S Hebden
    Chair of Governors Mr M Dove - Care of Brigshaw High School


    Outcomes & Results

    Key Stage 4 Results / Progress 8 Score
Key Stage 5 Results / Progress 8 Score

    DfE Performance Tables


    Statutory Policies 

    Click here to access our policy documents

    Accessibility Plan
    Attendance Policy
    Behaviour Policy
    Child Protection Policy
    Charging and Remissions Policy
    Child Protection Policy
    Complaints Policy
    Data Protection
    Equality Information Objectives
    Freedom of Information Policy
    Public Sector Equality Duty
    SEND Annual Report
    SEND Local Offer
    SEND Policy
    Sex and Relationship Education
    Supporting Children with Medical Needs
    Pupil Premium Report

    Whistleblowing Policy
    Year 7 Catch Up Premium Report

    Additional Policies and statutory information is available on the Brigshaw Learning Partnership Multi-Academy website as well as under the policy section of Brigshaw High School Website. Paper copies of all our policies can be requested from the school.



    Secondary Admission Arrangements
    Post-16 Admission Arrangements



    Secondary Curriculum
    Post 16 Curriculum
    Careers enrichment and engagement



    Overview of Governing Body 
Governor Responsibilities and Attendance Registers.

    Brigshaw Learning Partnersh
ip (BLP) Directors
    Annual report of work undertaken by the Local Governing Body
    Brigshaw High School Local Governing Body 2016/17



    Full Inspection Report
    Link to the Ofsted website


    Values and Ethos

    Our Aims and Values


    Paper Copies

    If you need to request paper copies of any of the information contained on this website, email harrinw02@brigshawtrust.com